Julian Weaver is a Washington DC native who gained his love of the arts from summer programs for children in DC’s Rock Creek Park. His education continued with receiving a BA in 1999 Fine Art from North Carolina Central University and a Certificate in Web Design in 2001 from the George Washington University Center for Professional Development.

Julian has been in various local shows and was represented by the Graham Collection Gallery from 2002 until it’s closing in 2007. In addition to visual art he has made music as diverse as Hip-Hop to Electronica to Blues and loves to mix genres. His latest project is the “Jukin’” Ep by Bullets Over Romance.

Over the last year Julian has had a deepening interest in Blues history and it’s connection to Hip-hop. This led to his current work with Cigar Box Guitars and Blues imagery. He sees Blues and Hip-Hop not as separate entities but as two points on a continuous line.  Or perhaps a better concept would be a Grandparent and Grandchild, each showing Black life as they see it based on the past and present.

Download a free copy of Julian's genre-bending "Jukin'" below! 

(Try track #2 for a more Blues feel and #3 for a more electronica sound. What's your flavor?)